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2019-12-12 17:19
Company introduction

WENZHOU BINTE’ER CONTROL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a valve actuator and control valve manufacturing technology enterprises, has developed into a set of design and development, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service as one of the technology companies.

The company has two subsidiaries, one focusing on the production and development of regulating valves, and the other on the processing and sales of actuators.Has introduced the domestic and foreign large-scale advanced processing center, and has the rigorous specialized refined production team, may according to the customer's different request, the different standard organization research and development and the production!The products not only sell well in China, but also are widely praised by foreign customers in Asia, Europe and America.Bintel brand is increasing and accelerating its influence!

The company has the technical research and development center, the quality management department, the Commerce Department, the after-sales service center, the marketing management center, the training management center and other functional departments, to strengthen and improve the enterprise's overall decision-making level and the management level!"Attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure" is the eternal spirit of the people of bintel!

Bintel corporation is eager for development and progress, and has set a leap-forward goal for five years. "to be an enterprise is to be a conscience" is the core value of our development.The common quality policy of all bintel people is "better to explain the price for a while, and not to apologize to customers for quality for a lifetime" to serve all customers!

This is a new era looking forward to a better future, bintel enterprises will firmly grasp the new node of social development, continuous innovation, upgrade, with new ideas, new technology for bintel products into new vitality, to provide customers with better quality, more service products!

We deeply know that we will never be satisfied, never relax!At the same time, more know only achievement customer, customer satisfaction, can be wonderful forever!